Recreation Center Rules

Recreation Center Rules

Reservation of the recreation room is allowed only for members in good standing of the Homeowners' Association and tenants occupying units at Spyglass Hill. Reservations CAN NOT be made for third party functions. The person reserving the recreation room must sign the application form and the rental fee/deposit checks and will be responsible for any damages.

The person reserving the recreation room must be in attendance at the function.

Download a PDF version of the recreation room reservation form.


General Rules

  1. Commercial ventures or any function which requires an admission charge or involves the sale of goods or services is strictly forbidden by the CR&Rs. This applies even if only to defray costs of the event. The only exception shall be if the event is sponsored by the Homeowners' Association and authorized by the Board of Directors.
  2. Fire Regulations and parking limitations dictate that event attendees be limited to no more than 50.
  3. Reservations are for the use of the recreation room and upper sun deck only. The use of the pool, spa and saunas is specifically excluded in this agreement.
  4. The reservations calendar and log are kept by the Maintenance Supervisor in the maintenance office in the recreation building. Office number is 461-8660.
  5. Applications must be accompanied by the rental fee of $50.00 and a security deposit of $250.00. Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. No verbal agreement will be binding. Any application not approved will be returned with an explanation as to why approval was not granted. In a similar manner, any assessment for damages or cleaning will be made at the determination of the Board. Assessments for amounts in excess of the deposit will be as provided in the CC&Rs.
  6. Rental fee and security deposit checks will be deposited and cleared to the Association's account prior to the release of the recreation room key. The security deposit will be promptly refunded after the satisfactory inspection of the Premises.
  7. Residency of tenants applying to reserve the recreation room will be verified in advance of approval. Verification will be made through the Homeowner.

Conditions for Use

  1. ALL clean-up is the responsibility of the person(s) making the reservation.
  2. Clean-up should commence at the conclusion of the event and, under no circumstances, should it remain incomplete after 9 AM the following day. Failure to comply may result in penalty charges and/or the employment of maintenance staff or outside professional cleaner at the expense of the person(s) who reserved the room.
  3. No alcohol or serious stain producing beverage may be served or used at events held in the recreation room.
  4. All events held in the recreation room shall be conducted in such a manner as to not infringe on the rights or other residents.
  5. Please caution your guests to park in designated "GUEST" spaces. Cars parked in residents' numbered spaces or other illegal areas will be towed at the car owner's expense.
  6. Activities for children or teenagers must be properly chaperoned by the adult resident responsible for the reservation. "Chaperone" is defined as "FULL TIME SUPERVISION BY THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT WHO MADE THE RESERVATION."
  7. Smoking is not permitted anywhere n the recreation building or on decks adjacent to the recreation room. The decks are constructed of flammable materials.
  8. No candles or other live flame devices (kerosene lamps, etc.) may be used as a form of lighting or other illumination. The ONLY exceptions shall be birthday candles on a cake properly supervised by a responsible adult.

For information purposes only. Does not constitute material obligation requirement of “Request and Response” request form.

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