House Rules

Spyglass Hill House Rules


Common Area

  • The Common Area at Spyglass Hill is defined as all of the area and facilities of Spyglass Hill lying outside of space enclosed within the walls of each living unit; including the walls behind paint/wallpaper, roofs, balconies, stairs, carports, parking spaces, lawns, landscaping, etc. The entrance area to your unit is Common Area, and the back decks/patios are also Common Area.
  • The Common Area is under the control of the Association and the rules/regulations are binding upon all owners, tenants, residents and guests of Spyglass Hill.
  • Owners/Residents may not make any modifications to any Common Area without the written approval of the Association.
  • Owners will be held financially responsible for any damage to the Common Area caused by residents, their guests, pets or autos.
  • No exterior clothesline may be erected. No exterior drying or laundering of towels or clothes on balconies, patios, decks or other areas.
  • Unauthorized use of Common Area water is not permitted.
  • The Association does not have a designated playground. Children must be supervised by an adult when in the Common Area.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served or used in the Common Area, including the Recreation Center.

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  1. Residents are not permitted to store any items such as toys, bikes, sports equipment, etc., in the Common Area which includes the carports, decks, patios, and landscaping. Bike racks are available in the garage and 900 mailroom. The Association bears no responsibility for storage in these area.
  2. The only furniture allowable on decks or patios is typical patio furniture. Upholstered sofas or chars are not permitted.
  3. Material left in the common or carport areas will be removed, stored, and/or sold by the Associations. The owner will be charged for any expense incurred by the Association.
  4. Please do not place pots or planters directly on decks or railings. Planter boxes must have at least one inch of air space under them, and pots must be placed on saucers. Unit owners will be financially responsible for replacement/repair of decks due to water damage from improperly placed pots or planters. See Deck Policy.

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  1. All animals must be kept on a leash while in the open space and Common Areas of the Association. Owners are responsible for damages caused by their pets. Pet waste bags are located throughout the complex. Please use them to pick up after your pet and deposit the bags in a trash container. No animals are allowed within the Pool enclosure.
  2. Only two animals per unit are permitted.

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  1. Garbage must be in a plastic bag and placed in outside garbage cans. Please break down cardboard boxes before placing them in the trash enclosures. Do not place your garbage outside your unit, in the garage, carports or the Common Area. Garbage collection in on Friday mornings.
  2. Homeowners are responsible for making their own arrangements to dispose of large items such as appliances, mattresses, couches, etc. Contact Marin Resource, 565 Jacoby Street, San Rafael, 485-5647 for information on disposing of these items, and hazardous material such as paint, oil, etc.
  3. Recycling bins for glass/plastic, tin/aluminum and newspapers are also located inside garbage enclosures. There are separate containers for each material. Green containers are for glass, which is any glass or jar (no ceramic or broken glass). Plastic bottles/containers labeled "CA Redemption 1&2" may also be placed in the green glass bin. Brown containers are for tin/aluminum cans which should be squashed prior to putting them in the bin. Collections are Tuesday and Friday. Blue containers are for newspapers only. Collection is Tuesday morning.

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Automobile & Motorcycle

  1. Please park only in the space assigned to your unit. If someone has parked in your assigned space, call Eugene Burger Management Company at 461-8660.
  2. Your parking space must be kept clean and free of trash, oil or grease, and other hazards in accordance with the City of Larkspur. Failure to do so will result in the Association cleaning the area, for which the unit owner will be charged.
  3. Commercial vehicles, boats, campers, RVs, or commercial vehicles may not be parked or left on any street or any part of the Property other than in designated parking areas. No parking on any sidewalks or lawn areas. Vehicles parked in violation will be towed.
  4. Clearly marked "Guest" parking space are located throughout the property, and parking is limited to 24 hours. Vehicles parked for longer than 24 hours will be fined (per the fine schedule) and/or towed. No Tandem parking is permitted anywhere. To report a vehicle parked over 24 hours, call Eugene Burger Management Company.
  5. Please respect the fire lanes (red zone) and don't park alongside them. No parking on any sidewalks or lawn areas. Vehicles parked in violation will be towed.
  6. No automobile/motorcycle repairs on Spyglass property. Do not store inoperable vehicles in your parking stall, guest spaces or any other place on Spyglass property. Vehicles must display a current registration.
  7. No automobile or motorcycle may be left on blocks, jacks, jack stands, etc. Any vehicles found like this will be towed.

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External Installations

  • No telephone, television or cable antenna/lines may be installed on the exterior surfaces of the buildings. (See Satellite Dish/Antenna Policy.) No flag poles, clothes lines, planters, baskets, etc. are to be attached to the Hardiplank siding. See Hardiplank announcement.
  • No fences, extended patios, awnings, ornamental screens, screen doors, or sun shades may be erected or installed without written permission of the Board of Directors.
  • No banners or commercial signs of any kind shall be displayed from any condominium or the Common Area without the approval of the Association. The only exception is the American Flag. Real estate "For Sale" signes may be displayed from the inside of one of your unit's windows.
  • Holiday decorations must be removed no later than 30 days after the Holiday.

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Internal installations

  • Alterations: Per our CC&Rs, carpet may not be replaced with ANY hard surface (wood, tile, vinyl, Pergo, etc.) without prior written approval of the Association. Ask EBMC for details/forms if you are contemplating a change.
  • Window replacement must meet specific requirements as determined by the Association's architect and approved by the Association in writing. If you are contemplating a change, please contact EBMC for details.
  • Window coverings visible from the exterior must be white or off-white.

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