Hardiplank and Decks Policy

Hardiplank and Decks Policy


TO: All Spyglass Residents
FROM: Spyglass Hill Board of Directors

We want to remind everyone that all exterior siding, roofing, overhangs, decks and patios are part of the Common Area and governed as such by the CC&Rs which all Boards are required to enforce.

Our new Hardiplank siding is a cementitious product which will retain its water-resistant properties only if no holes are made in it. Please be advised that nothing is to be attached to or hung from any Hardiplank surface. This includes plants, pant hangers, flag poles, bicycles, sports equipment, etc.

The Board has instructed the Maintenance staff to remove any items attached to the siding and to bill the owner of the unit for repair time and a materials.

The CC&Rs will also be enforced with regard to what may be stored on decks and patios which are limited specifically to potted pants (on saucers) and patio furniture. Barbecues and firewood must be stored on rear decks only. Firewood must be stored in racks specified in the CC&Rs. If you are found to be in violation of the CC&Rs, you will be notified and give the opportunity to correct the situation. Failure to do so will result in Board action.

If you are an owner of a rental unit, it is your responsibility to inform your tenants of Spyglass Hill's rules in order to avoid costly charges.

The Board is charged with maintaining and enhancing the property values of Spyglass Hill so that all may continue to benefit. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.

For information purposes only. Does not constitute material obligation requirement of “Request and Response” request form.

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