Schedule of Fines
(Civil Code 1363 (g))

Insuring that all owners/residents abide by the governing documents is one of any Board's most important duties.

While the Association has a variety of enforcement tools available, one of the most effective is the ability to impose fines to obtain Governing Document compliance. The goal of a fine is to encourage compliance, not to increase revenues.

The Board therefore has established the following fine schedule:

First Violation: $50.00
Second Violation: $75.00
Third Violation: $100.00
Violations with Damages: Appropriate fine, plus all costs

Be advised, however, that the Association retains the right to modify the basic fine (up or down) and combine any fine with other sanctions to fit the seriousness of the infraction.

For continuing violations, such as parking violations or failure to remove an unapproved architectural alteration, fines may be levied for each day that the violations continues up to a maximum amount of $500 per month.

If you receive notice of a fine, you have the opportunity to object to the levying of such fine at a Rules Enforcement Hearing before the Board prior to the fine taking effect.

If a fine is levied, it is due and payable immediately and may be placed on the owner's account.

For information purposes only. Does not constitute material obligation requirement of “Request and Response” request form.

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