Deck Usage Policy

Deck Usage Policy

Adopted May 21, 2002

Inappropriate use of decks has caused extensive damage to deck surfaces and beams. Improper placement of planters on stairways is a violation of the fire code and a safety hazard. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself (and your tenant where applicable) with this stairway and deck policy.

This policy shall serve to define the acceptable use of entry decks, rear decks and stairways on Spyglass Hill and does not supersede or limit any provision in the CC&Rs regarding deck use restrictions.

  1. All plants and planters shall have at least one inch separation from any exterior surface including, but not limited to deck coatings, siding and concrete.
  2. No plants or planters shall be placed on stairways.
  3. No plants or planters shall be placed in a manner that would impede access to any area of the unit exterior.
  4. No plants or planters shall be placed on railings or rail caps.
  5. No single plant in excess or 75 pounds shall be on upper floor decks.
  6. No combinations of plants in excess of 150 pounds shall be on upper floor decks.
  7. Planters shall be of a type that does not damage any deck surface.
  8. All planters shall have drip pans or be of a type that contains excess water.
  9. Water shall not flow from any deck to any other exterior surface including your downstairs neighbor.
  10. No plants shall be of a type that connects itself to any exterior surface (ivy or vines).
  11. No plants can be in original nursery containers, no empty containers are permitted.
  12. Nothing which may damage any exterior surface (rocks, sharp objects) shall be placed on any exterior surface.

Any owner found to be in violation may be subject to penalties from the Association. If damage occurs to any Common Area as defined in the Spyglass Hill CC&Rs that owner will be held liable for all related repair costs to said Common Area.

For information purposes only. Does not constitute material obligation requirement of “Request and Response” request form.

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