Community rules

Community Rules

Below are the Rules & Regulations of the Spyglass Hill Property Owners' Association. You may wish to download a file copy in Adobe® Acrobat PDF format.*

General Rules
Board meetings, pool keys, ceilings, emergency contacts, service requests, noise

Responsibilities Check List
Checklist of responsibilities for repair/maintenance

House Rules
Common area, storage, pets, garbage, auto, installations

Hardiplank and decks
Building outer wall and decks regulations.
PDF of
Window Installation Guidelines

Schedule of Fines
Association penalty amounts

Pool & Spa Rules
Hours, noise, lap swimming, children & infant restrictions, health, glassware, furniture

Barbecue Rules
Lighter fluid prohibition, ashes

Tennis Court Rules
"Wait" court rules, general rules

Recreation Center
General rules, how to rent, conditions for use

Deck Usage Policy
Planter rules, weight restrictions, water rules

Skateboard Statement
Board statement

*Donít have the Adobe Acrobat Reader? Itís free from Adobe.

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