Barbecue Rules

Barbecue Rules

The following rules were implemented in May 1998 after a series of fires and a moratorium on barbecuing. These rules were incorporated to assure the safety and comfort of all Spyglass residents.

Any resident who violates these rules and/or causes damage to persons or property on spyglass Hill is, of course, responsible for the injury/damages and risks a maximum $500 fine and permanent loss of outdoor cooking privileges as well.


  • Metal drip pans are required under ALL outdoor cookers/smokers.
  • Keep your fire extinguisher near your deck/patio at all times when using your outdoor cookers or smokers
  • All barbecue cookers/smokers must be at least two feet away from any wall or siding. Watch out for overhanging tree branches.
  • No starter fluid is to be used — EVER. Because of the proximity of tree branches and decks, we cannot have flames shooting up several feet when getting the cooker started.
  • FULLY COLD ashes must go into the metal container and then into plastic bags for disposal in outside trash enclosures. NEVER put hot or even war ashes into paper or plastic bags.
  • All outdoor cookers must be visually supervised by an adult at all times when in use.
  • No matter which type of cooker you use, clean the grill after use to avoid flame-ups from old grease and/or charred food.
  • Barbecuing is permitted only on your back deck/patio, not in the front Common Area.

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